SGHS Theatre

Mrs. White: From the Director's Chair

When I was twelve, my music teacher told my mother to dye my hair red, and she cast me as the lead in Annie, an experience that produced in me a desire to pursue the performing arts. I have a bachelor's degree in English and Theatre Teaching from Brigham Young University and a master's degree in Modern Humanities from Frostburg State University. I believe that no one voice is more powerful than another in my classroom, including my own. I believe that strange is beautiful; I believe that differences are empowering.
I know that students learn best and can be challenged to take more risks in an atmosphere that fosters safety and imitates the dynamics of a functional family. I insist that they connect with and trust others in a constant effort to nurture what we have come to call “our theatre family.” I celebrate the fact that my theatre students come together as a family in spite of their varied backgrounds. In a single cast, actors include the popular and the bullied, the poor and the rich, the senior and the freshman. I find few things as rewarding as seeing these disparities dissolve into a unified effort to put a show on its feet. I never tire of seeing the hugs and tears on closing night. In spite of its constant occurrence, I have never learned how to teach it. I can only stare wide-eyed and marvel as it unfolds, a miracle every time.
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